Founded in 1913, Kansai Paint is currently one of the leading coating manufacturer in the world.

On 18 January, 2014, Kansai Paint became the official paint partner of the Manchester United Football Club. Founded in 1965, Kansai Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd serves the Singapore and Batam, Indonesia markets.

Kansai Paint Singapore is proud to launch this Ales Anti-MosQ Paint in the Singapore market in 2015 after acquiring approval from the NEA in May 2015. In view of the continuous threat of dengue and Zika virus in Singapore, through its Kansai Paint Cares’ CSR programme will be giving out these Ales Anti-MosQ paints for free to needy parties in Singapore to contribute to the fight against the threats.

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  • LANKO TUFSEAL is a highly durable non-yellowing clear acrylic sealer.


    • As a protective sealer on unglazed quarry tiles, slates, pavers, roof tiles, marble, terrazzo.
    • As a dustproofer onto concrete, precast concrete, masonry.
    • As a water repellent protection to brickwall and fairface brickwall.
    • Seals porous surface to prevent fungus and algae growth.


    • Prevent migration of water stains, dirt, oil and grease.
    • Non-yellowing when exposed to sunlight.
    • Excellent water repelling characteristic.
    • Protect substrate against deterioration, weathering and carbonation.
    • Unaffected by most alkali, mild acid, oil, grease, detergent and some mild solvent.


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