Enta Bed Bug Spray (Non-Toxic)

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Enta Bed Bug Spray (Non-Toxic)

Bed Bug Spray is a natural substance that works very well to kill bed bugs. When the active bed bugs come into contact with the surfaces that are pre-treated with the formulation, the insects will be demobilized for about 10 minutes. Subsequently, the killing process can take place while the insect remains paralyzed. The bed bug has no vigor to carry on with its biting and this may take an hour or more before the insect is finally dead. It has a lemongrass scent so that you do not have to worry about the strong nasal smell that most pesticides usually have.

Bed Treatment:

Remove mattress and spray all over the bed frames. Allow 2 hours for the pesticide to settle before putting back the mattress. The mattress must be treated separately. Spray at the penetrating seams, tufts and folds and allow the treated surface to dry for four hours before sleeping. Do not sleep directly on treated mattresses. Make sure the mattress has been dried, aired and a sheet put on it. Active bed bugs are always difficult to be found. They can practically live everywhere. They are tiny and consistently moving and strike during sleep. This bed treatment will make your bed ready for the intrusion of bed bugs during sleep.

Chair/Sofa/Couch treatment:

Remove any detachable mattress/cushion. Spray to cover all surfaces of the furniture frame. Allow 2 hours for the pesticide to settle before putting back the mattress/cushion. The mattress/cushion must be treated separately. Apply a light mist to the entire side of the mattress/cushion, penetrating seams, tufts and folds. Allow the treated surface to dry before use. Repeated applications are always recommended before the problem can be brought to an end.

Floor treatment:

If the areas are already infested with bed bugs for more than one month, you have to mop all the flooring. At a minimum, you should dilute one part with 100 parts of water. If the water mixture turns out to be very milky, it means that more water should be added until the mixture turns out light milky. Using this bed beg repellent mixture, you should thoroughly mop all areas, especially the low traffic areas, including furniture, cupboards, tables, under the beds, and etc. Please DO NOT mop the wall skirting at this point, so that the un-mopped wall skirting will lure the bed bugs to move there. During the following day, you can now use the bed beg spray to spray the skirting and areas that you did not mop to kill the bed bugs.





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