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Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint Set Year End Festive 2013 Sale: Sparkle Gold Set at $84.90

U.P: $125.00

XMAS / CNY Price: $84.90 per set

(More than 30% off Usual Price!)

Inclusive of primer, topcoat and painting tool kit in a box set.

Offer valid while stock last.

Flash this mailer in store to enjoy offer.

About Nippon Momento:

Nippon Momento is the latest breakthrough product from renowned Nippon Paint brand for anyone to create their own special effects paint as easy as base coat followed by top coat using the specially designed Nippon Momento Brush.

The Sparkle Gold series shimmers with majestic reflection. Its unique mixture of glossy-opaque texture and metallic resins create a spectacular sparkling effect, igniting any wall with lavish brilliance.

Download the full color series here.
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