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Meiji Spray Gun F110

Meiji F110 Spray Gun

– Ideal for painting in elevated locations and for painting the inside surface of pipes, tubing, tanks, etc.
– The head angle can be adjusted 360° by simply loosening the base nut. Besides in head angle variable type, the head angle can be adjusted from 90° to -90° by loosening the top bolt.

State-of-the-art Hand Spray Gun based on customer satisfaction
New atomizing system improving the spray.
Finishing by optimum air flow.
High transfer efficiency Heavy duty Excellent handling.
– Realizing high quality paint film by optimum spraying paint volume.
– Stable air flow vastly realizes the prevention of air pressure lost.
– Reduction of paint consumption, and small air consumption in saving energy.
– Optimum air flow brings the reduction of paint adhesion to air cap set.
– Easy handling with optimum weight balance and light weight.
– Reduction of trigger load, and improvement of usability with lower resistance packing.
– Waterborne compatibility.
– Improvement of parts durability.
– Addition of Semi-tulip pattern.
– Each nozzle bore size has its own air cap set.
– Air cap sets for suction, gravity, and pressure type are interchangeable in the same fluid nozzle bore size
– Special air cap designed specitifically for touch-up work
- Designed specifically for touch-up work to provide the ideal spray for painting small to medium-sized areas.