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Betex Winshield

Winshield is a transparent wood varnish in clear or color. It hs excellent abrasion resistance and protects against fungus. It is suitable for exterior surfaces.

– Ensure surface is sanded and clean of grease, wax, etc. For previously painted surfaces, remove any existing undesired paint films with sandpaper.
– If thinning is required, white spirit may be added.
– Apply 2-3 coats of Winshield depending on the substrate.
– Allow at least 4 hours drying between coats.
– If matt finish is preferred, apply a coat of Winshield Matt.
Colours available:
701 Teak
702 Rosewood
703 Walnut
704 Mahogany
705 Antique
706 Honeypine
707 Wenge
708 New Teak

Also available in Clear coat (Gloss / Matt)