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Araldite 5 minutes Rapid High Performance Epoxy Adhesive

A rapid cruing,long lasting,solvent free addhesive.
Which is water-proof,heat-resistance,resistant to most chemicals.
Can be painted or sanded,non-corrosive.

Bonding virtually anything to anything,including ceramic,wood,glass,metal,stone,concrete,plywood,leater,most rigid plastics,txtile,rubber,jewelry,etc.Widely used in a variety of industries and applications,such as electronics,electrical appliance,electrical instruments,jewelry,industrial repair,furniture,toy,model,sporting equipment,household,etc.

1.Make sure surfaces are dry,clean and free from dust,dirt and grease.For even better bonding slightly roughen surfaces with sandpaper.

2.Dispense equal amounts from the two tubes onto a clean disposable surface,mix thoroughly for at least 45 seconds and use within 5 minutes.Replace caps corectly.

3.Apply to both surfaces of the joint and assemble carefully.Keep the joint supported until set(a rubber band or sticky tape is ideal)at least 15 minutes at room temperature(Setting time depend on the temperature).

4.Allow at least 1 hour at room temperature before rough handling.